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Oyster Bay consists of plus or minus 430 erven of which plus or minus 110 erven have been built on. Oyster Bay is connected by a 25 km dirt road to Humansdorp as well as a 25 km dirt road to St Francis Bay, Oyster Bay is 78 km from Storms River Bridge, 143 from Plettenberg Bay and 243 km from George Airport. The nearest airport to Oyster Bay is in Port Elizabeth and is 122 km from Oyster Bay. Oyster Bay is a quiet holiday village, without street lights, shops and restaurants etc. Here you forget about everything and enjoy nature, hear the sounds of birds again, see the stars again and smell the fresh light / air again. We have different hiking trails in our area, here you can also walk far on a clean beach to the West Side to Klippepunt or even further, as well as to Cape St Francis' side on the East Side. The East Side is a footpath that is sometimes higher than the sea, so you can see the pools from above. We are also popular for fishing from the surf or rocks. Oyster Bay is also known among the Kite surfers, they enjoy the waves and our residents admire them. Whales are especially visible as well as dolphins.


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